"The Round Table Video Podcast The Newest Entertainment Podcast on the scene in Detroit City"

The Hosts

Antonio   |   LadyB   |   RW3   | LovelyT

Show Lineup

The Round Table Video Podcast The Newest EntertainmentPodcast on the scene in Detroit City! The Round Table Podcaststudio is based in Farmington Hills MI. Our panel consists of professional and business owners. However, due to the Pandemic,
our team has been working remotely through streamyard platform. StreamYard allows us to live stream our show across social media platforms. This allows our guests to join the show from anywhere in the world. This way it helps to keep everyone safe and it helps us to be able to invite more guests to appear on the show.

What is also great and unique about our Podcast Show, we stream live by video, every Sunday at 4:45 pm est, on Facebook, Youtube,and our website. This allows our viewing audience to share our show instantly, and it allows our producer to share our content across all platforms as well. We have weekly episodes, where we discuss the latest trending news, politics, entertainment, relationships, and other general topics. We have special expert shows, where we invite special guests to the show and allow them to share their business, knowledge, product, services, and experience with our audience.
Our average weekly viewing audience is 1,500 and growing. We have a very engaging podcast where we interact with our audience during the show. Our audience participates by leaving comments and asks questions and our chat monitoring team immediately addresses the comments or questions and shares them with us during the show.